Meg Ryan, the timeless star of "Sleepless in Seattle," has been the subject of much public scrutiny over her appearance following a public event. Despite a barrage of criticism suggesting she's had excessive plastic surgery, the resilient actress stands her ground, maintaining that she appreciates her looks and won't let online trolls bring her down.

Ryan, now 61, recently stepped into the limelight to attend the New York premiere of actor friend Michael J. Fox's new documentary on May 12. The actress's fresh-faced appearance caught the attention of both fans and critics alike, triggering speculations of her indulging in too many cosmetic procedures and rendering her barely recognizable.

However, the steadfast mother of two, who enjoys a tranquil life away from the prying eyes in Montecito, California, is not losing sleep over the disparaging chatter, according to sources close to her. She's adeptly handling the situation, brushing off the hurtful comments with grace and courage.

"Years ago, Meg learned to turn a deaf ear to the online criticisms and other toxic elements that once overwhelmed her," a source shared. "That's why she stepped back from the Hollywood limelight and now spends most of her time in an environment far removed from that critical sphere."

She's comfortable acknowledging some missteps she's made along the way, but sources insist that Ryan remains firm in her self-perception. "She may privately admit some past misjudgments, but overall, she is secure and in a healthy mental and emotional state," the insider added.

Those close to the "When Harry Met Sally" star maintain that she's taking the negative comments in stride, just as water slides off a duck's back.

"She expresses that she's content with her appearance and doesn't see her changed features as a concern at all," the source continued. "Montecito is her sanctuary, and she's also delighting in the local dating scene."

Despite the harsh criticism, Meg Ryan remains unruffled, celebrating her life away from Hollywood's glare, embracing her look, and seemingly enjoying her life to the fullest.