Rookie group BabyMonster (aka BABYMONS7ER) is warming up with their pre-debut song. Given the hot interest they've received from global fans even before their official debut, the release of their pre-debut song is expected to garner even more attention.

BabyMonster will release their pre-debut song 'Dream' through their official YouTube channel at midnight on May 14. There has been intense interest in BabyMonster's debut project since its unveiling in January. Now, with their pre-debut song, they're beginning to make their presence truly felt.

BabyMonster is the rookie girl group from YG Entertainment, the first since Blackpink seven years ago, and they've already caught the attention of K-pop fans worldwide. On the 12th, they confirmed their debut with seven members, and have continued to attract hot interest by promptly announcing their pre-debut song. Above all, this pre-debut song is highly anticipated as it will provide a real opportunity to confirm BabyMonster's capabilities.

'Dream' had previously garnered interest as it was inserted into scenes where the members encouraged each other after the final competition of BabyMonster's debut reality show. The song was officially released as BabyMonster's pre-debut song due to ongoing requests from fans for a full release. As a song that permeates the entire debut reality show of BabyMonster, it's a great track to kick off their pre-debut narrative.

What's most exciting is the skills of the seven members of BabyMonster, which will be verified through 'Dream'. When the members of BabyMonster were revealed, they received a lot of attention due to their solid skills and charm, being recognized as a top-tier composition. The training system of YG, which has produced Big Bang, 2NE1, Blackpink, Winner, etc., is notoriously tough and known for its skilled trainees, and BabyMonster has been noted for being 'all-rounders'.

Through 'Dream', not only will the talents of the seven members in vocals, rap, and dance be confirmed, but also the chemistry and synergy between the members are expected to be seen. As the song heralds the start of BabyMonster, it's expected to add the emotion of fulfilling their dream of debuting.

BabyMonster, who have officially entered their debut warm-up with their pre-debut song, have been receiving attention from global K-pop fans even before their debut, setting the shortest record for a K-pop girl group. It's an eagerly awaited birth of a legendary rookie group.