Hugh Jackman is giving his fans and followers a glimpse of his activities in preparation for his return as Wolverine.

On Instagram, the 54-year-old actor posted a video of himself in front of the ocean.

The clip sees him in his blue swimming outfit as he flexes his muscles before running toward the ocean.

It also shows him as he swims and later stays in one place to feel the breeze and wave before running back to the camera.

Jackman wrote in the caption, “Sleep. Train. Eat. Recover. Repeat.,” and included the hashtag, “becoming wolverine again.”

In its report covering the social media update from the “X-Men” star, HollywoodLife said many of the actor’s millions of followers took time to react and share their thoughts in the comments section.

One netizen is even said to have acknowledged how “difficult and tedious” the process of his training, before adding, “but you’re making a lot of fans Xtremely happy by coming back to the role.”

Thursday’s post comes as Hugh Jackman gears up for his new and upcoming film, “Deadpool 3,” where he will reprise his iconic role as Wolverine.

HL noted in the same report that the “Greatest Showman” actor has been playing the character since 2000, adding that he has reprised the role eight more times in the years that followed.

The public first learned about Jackman’s return as Wolverine in September 2022.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular role of Deadpool, took to social media to announce the matter via video, alongside the “Logan” star.

At the time, People said the “Free Guy” actor shares in the clip how he has been working to deliver another hit installment into the film series since the release of “Deadpool 2” in 2018.

Later in the video, Reynolds is said to have jokingly admitted that he has come up empty for ideas. Hugh Jackman subsequently walks through the background, causing the lead star to ask his fellow actor if he wants to play Wolverine again, to which the latter replies, “Yeah, sure.”

Following the confirmation of his return as Wolverine in the upcoming installment to the “Deadpool” franchise, the magazine learned from a source that the role will be much larger than a cameo.

Neither Hugh Jackman nor Ryan Reynolds has commented on the extent of his appearance or role as Wolverine in the upcoming film.

Meanwhile, the “Van Helsing” actor’s recent post on social media was not the first one he made about his preparation for his return as Wolverine.

Earlier this week, Jackman shared a glimpse of his meals in a day via an Instagram post as he gears up for the role.