Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s once amicable relationship has allegedly gone downhill and it’s because of the latter.

In its March 13 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Lopez and Anthony managed to maintain and peaceful relationship with each other after their divorce because they have been prioritizing their twin Max and Emme for years.

But after Lopez got back together with Ben Affleck, she allegedly started seeing signs of Anthony’s jealousy yet again.

“Jennifer and Marc had an amicable split, all things considered, but things have gone downhill fast since she got back together with Ben. In just over a year, Marc’s petty jealousy and judgmental attitude have destroyed their peaceful relationship. A family war is exploding,” the source said.

The source claimed that Anthony wasn’t thrilled to hear his ex-wife say that Affleck was the love of her life because it made him feel like he didn’t mean anything to Lopez.

“Friends think that bruised Marc’s ego,” the source said.

However, the insider insisted that this wasn’t what pained Anthony the most.

“The main problem for Marc is that Jennifer has uprooted the kids to move them to California to play happy family with Ben’s kids. They were closer to Marc in Florida. And he feels all of this change is confusing for the kids,” the source said.

As for Lopez, she doesn’t think that Anthony has the right to question how she’s raising her kids because her ex-husband is gone for most of the year due to his busy tour schedule.

“He’s in family mode now and he’s not going to give up this fight over the kids so easily. There’s more drama brewing,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Anthony and Lopez are feuding over their children. And there’s no indication that their peaceful relationship has suddenly become strained.

There’s also no proof that Anthony is jealous of Affleck because he and Lopez split a long time ago. And the fact that Anthony is now married to Nadia Ferreira means that he already moved on from Lopez years ago.

As such, it’s obvious that all these stories are just made up by the tabloid to pit Anthony, Lopez, and Affleck against each other.