Priscilla Presley was allegedly blindsided after her family decided to lock her out of Graceland.

An unnamed source told Globe that Presley didn’t also think that she would be removed from Lisa Marie Presley’s will.

“Previously, Graceland archives director Angie Marchese, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie had the only keys. So, Priscilla is now locked out and she’s furious,” the source said.

The decision came to halt after Priscilla tried to question Lisa Marie’s will following the latter’s death. The move made their other relatives feel that she didn’t respect Lisa Marie’s wishes.

“Priscilla is contesting a newly-discovered document that cuts her out of the Presley estate while giving control to the 33-year-old Mad Max: Fury Road actress,” the tabloid said.

The documents have named Lisa Marie’s children Riley and Benjamin Keough as the co-trustees of their mom’s will in case of her death.

“Now, with the passing of Ben and Lisa Marie, Riley has sole control – if the paper holds up in court. Furious Priscilla is challenging the declaration’s legitimacy, claiming Lisa Marie’s scrawl on the 2016 amendment appears inconsistent with her daughter’s usual and customary signature,” the source said.

Priscilla also claimed that Lisa Marie’s name is misspelled and the document was not notarized or delivered to her as required by the original terms of the trust.

The actress allegedly wants to be named as a co-trustee together with her granddaughter Riley.

But while it is true that the Presley family is still figuring out the terms of Lisa Marie’s will, it’s not true that Priscilla has been booted out of the family’s home.

There’s also no indication that she wants to become a co-trustee together with Riley or that she’s questioning the legitimacy of her late daughter’s last will and testament.

All these claims were just made up by the tabloid to make it seem as though Priscilla is a scorned mom who is after her daughter’s money and inheritance.

But what fans might have forgotten is that Priscilla has millions under her belt so she’s set for the remainder of her life.

As such, there’s no reason for the Presley family to question Lisa Marie’s belt or to contest it just like what the tabloid is saying. There’s also no proof that the Presley family became divided following Lisa Marie’s death.