Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani are allegedly butting heads when it comes to being at the top of the Nashville music charts.

National Enquirer, in its March 13 issue, claimed that Lambert is blocking Stefani’s attempts to make it big on her turf. After all, Blake Shelton’s ex-wife thinks that Stefani should stick to pop music.

“There have always been rumors about the timeline of when exactly Gwen and Blake got together, so of course she’s seen as an enemy by Miranda and her clique. They’ve been trash-talking her all over town and mocking her for suddenly changing her whole style to be the perfect country wife for Blake,” the source said.

But despite Lambert and her friends’ attempts to give Stefani a hard time in Nashville, it seems that the No Doubt singer isn’t backing down because she has Shelton’s full support.

“Gwen always sings with Blake at his Ole Red bar in Nashville, and he has his own posse of country pals who are willing to help her. Gwen’s feeling is these mean girls can shun her all they like – she doesn’t need them,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Stefani and Lambert were pitted against each other. In fact, throughout the past couple of months, multiple tabloids have been insisting that the artists are still not on good terms.

Their issues allegedly started after Shelton and Stefani became a couple because Lambert was convinced that her ex-husband cheated on her with his new wife.

However, Shelton also seemingly suggested that Lambert was the one who cheated on him during their years-long marriage.

The back and forth between the exes reached a point where the tabloids started prying on their failed romance. And since Shelton is married to Stefani, the latter became guilty by association.

But those who have been following Stefani and Lambert’s careers would know that there’s no bad blood between the two women. Even if they are not necessarily the best of friends, Stefani and Lambert seem to be amicable toward each other.

As for Shelton and Lambert, it’s unclear if the exes are in contact with each other or if they are friends. But one thing’s for certain and it’s that they are not feuding with each other either.