Prince William and Kate Middleton allegedly want to get the keys to the Royal Lodge after Prince Andrew exits the property.

Woman’s Day, in its latest issue, claimed that Prince William and Middleton have become greedy now more than ever. After all, the royal couple already has several properties under their name but they still want to get the Royal Lodge.

“They are also keen on the Royal Lodge whether it’s for themselves as a young family or earmarking it for their son. They feel it might be an excellent home for George in about a decade’s time, so they can keep him close by and also offer him a bit of freedom before he’s king – all within the safety of the Windsor estate,’ the source said.

But the source also claimed that Prince William is not the biggest fan of his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew. And the fact that the latter is the latest owner of the Royal Lodge suggests that he might not be keen to pass it on to his eldest son when the time comes.

“William isn’t the biggest fan of his previous tenant, his Uncle Andrew, so he’ll probably leave it to air out for a while before they solidify their plans,” the source said.

However, it’s obvious that the rumors about Prince William and Middleton wanting to get the keys to the Royal Lodge stem from the ongoing issue that the Sussexes are facing.

Just recently, a spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that King Charles asked the couple to vacate the premises by June. The spokesperson said that the couple didn’t get enough time to leave the property.

After which, there were also reports claiming that King Charles might ask Prince Andrew to relocate to Frogmore Cottage because he needs a much smaller house after his daughters tied the knot and started their own families.

However, there are rumors claiming that Prince Andrew isn’t happy with the sudden downgrade because his former home is much bigger than Prince Harry and Markle’s home in the United Kingdom.

As of late, none of the tabloid’s claims have been proven to be accurate. It is therefore obvious that they are just exaggerating their claims. The Prince and Princess of Wales are not keen on giving the Royal Lodge to their son.