Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice have allegedly decided to keep their distance from Princess Eugenie.

A source told New Idea that the mother and daughter do not want to be associated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And there’s no denying the fact that Princess Eugenie forged a close bond with the Sussexes.

“The Duchess of York always referred to herself and her daughters as ‘The Tripod’ because they were so inseparable. Fergie and Princess Beatrice have been seen a lot recently without Princess Eugenie and I’m sure they miss her,” royal commentator Phil Dampier said.

Dampier went on to say that Princess Eugenie has been dropping clues that she could be relocating to the United States to be closer to the Sussexes.

“I don’t think Eugenie would have moved while her beloved grandmother Queen Elizabeth was alive, but the whole royal scene is changing fast and the younger royals will do what suits them, commercially as well as for family reasons,” the source said.

Dampier went on to say that King Charles has made it clear that there are fewer opportunities for certain members of the royal family under his reign. And this could be another reason why Princess Eugenie has been considering a move across the pond.

“Eugenie moving would cause tension in the family. I can’t see Andrew ever visiting the US again as he would be worried he might be arrested or served with a legal notice following his pay off of Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre,” Dampier said.

And as for Fergie, the royal commentator said that the mom of two has always taken pride in the fact that she’s the glue that’s been holding her family together. But this could all change with Princess Eugenie’s plans to relocate.

“It will be hard for her to let go now her daughters are adults,” Dampier concluded.

As of late, Princess Eugenie has not made an official announcement regarding a potential move to the United States. But it is true that she is very close to Prince Harry and Markle.

In fact, she was mentioned in the Duke of Sussex’s memoir Spare, and Princess Eugenie’s name was also mentioned several times in the couple’s Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

However, these do not prove that Princess Eugenie plans to leave the United Kingdom for good.