Nicole Kidman allegedly wants to play the role of Olivia Newton-John in a biopic starring the late actress.

But according to New Idea, the award-winning actress may have found herself a competition because starlet Delta Goodren also wants to portray the role of Newton-John.

A source claimed that Goodren thinks she’s the perfect choice for the part because she already portrayed Newton-John in past projects. But Kidman wouldn’t go down without a fight and the actress has allegedly been insisting that she’s the right choice because she and Newton-John were good friends.

“If a shiny Hollywood biopic starring Nicole gets the green light spare a thought for poor Delta. Delta knows she’ll be compared to Nicole until the end of time, which is going to be hard to take. In a way, Delta’s miniseries was much harder to pull off because Olivia was still alive and made it clear she wasn’t happy about it,” the source said.

The source also said that Goodren has always been insecure about portraying the role of Newton-John because her miniseries did not do well in terms of ratings back in 2018.

“That was one of Delta’s toughest jobs of her career and now she’s worried it’s going to look second-rate compared to whatever Nicole comes up with. If Nicole decides to play Olivia, there’s nothing Delta can do about it. Put a blonde bobbed wig on Nicole and she looks like Olivia, plus she has an amazing singing voice. Nicole and Olivia were friends, so playing her will likely be emotional. But she’s convinced she’s the only one who can do her justice and protect her memory,” the source said.

As of late, a Newton-John biopic has not yet been announced. And there’s no indication that it has been in the works. As such, the tabloid’s claims that Kidman and Goodren are both vying the play the role of Newton-John can’t possibly be accurate.

And it’s not also true that Kidman and Goodren are competing with each other. Since they are both actors, they can audition for the same role. And it is up to the directors and producers to decide who should play Newton-John. It is important to note that the decision is not up to Kidman or Goodren.