A royal expert is sharing an insight into what Prince William supposedly feels about Prince Harry potentially attending King Charles III’s coronation this May.

Us Weekly said Richard Fitzwilliams discussed the matter with them and noted that the rumors involving the King’s eldest son not wanting his brother at their father’s coronation are not accurate.

But, despite the said inaccuracy, the expert shared in the exchange with the outlet that “there’s no doubt” the Prince of Wales “feels very strongly.”

Fitzwilliams explained that the tension between the two royal-born Princes is “a terribly deep rift.” Accordingly, he believes that, as far as the future King is concerned, he does not see that rift “being mended.”

Meanwhile, the royal expert pointed out that King Charles III “is a symbol of national unity,” with him being the monarch, adding that the “invitation comes from him.”

The latest assertions about Prince William come as the coronation of the British Monarch is fast approaching.

The historical royal event will take place at Westminster Abbey, in London, on May 6.

As preparations continue for the upcoming event, Prince Harry, alongside Meghan Markle, has yet to confirm whether they will be in attendance.

It remains unclear whether the former working royals will fly back to the United Kingdom and be with the rest of the British Royal Family to witness the coronation.

In February, a supposed friend of the Prince of Wales spoke to The Daily Beast and claimed that the royal would “much rather” the Duke of Sussex was not at the coronation of King Charles III.

As stated, “If it was William’s coronation, Harry wouldn’t be on the list,” with the insider adding, “It’s no secret that, personally, he would much rather Harry wasn’t there after everything he has said and done.”

Allegedly, the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry is now non-existent. It is also claimed that the two royal-born Princes have not spoken since the release of “Spare.”

Despite this, though, the future King’s pal shared in the same exchange with the publication that he will “of course” abide by King Charles III’s decision about his brother’s attendance at the coronation.

Following the claims, however, Prince William did not comment on the matter, and neither did the Duke of Sussex.

Elsewhere in the exchange with Us Weekly, published Thursday, Richard Fitzwilliams talked about the reports involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drawing attention away from the British Monarch should they attend the coronation.

The royal expert told the outlet that that won’t be the case as the event “will be a very significant story” and “there’s no doubt about that.”

Fitzwilliams shared that he believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “will be very subsumed into it,” noting that he does not “think they will dominate it at all” before saying, “Quite the contrary, just as they didn’t either the Platinum Jubilee or, obviously, the Queen’s funeral.”