Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon allegedly agreed to make their relationship exclusive.

Us Weekly, in its Jan. 30 issue, claimed that Pitt couldn’t be more thrilled to have met de Ramon. In fact, the dad of six has fallen in love even if he didn’t mean to. Now, Pitt is looking forward to more milestones with his new girlfriend.

“Brad’s telling everyone that he and Ines are exclusive. It’s always been his dream to have a big family. He’s definitely open to taking the next step and Ines is as well. Brad feels he’s made some mistakes when it comes to being a father. So, it would be nice to have another chance,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Pitt already introduced de Ramon to some of his closest friends. And everyone adores the stunner.

“Ines is a big hit with all of Brad’s pals. They’ve done a few meet and greets and they’re looking forward to getting to know her more. Things are moving pretty quickly, but neither Brad nor Ines sees any need to hold back,” the source said.

On top of all these, Pitt and de Ramon allegedly have a lot of things in common. And this is an obvious sign that their relationship could last for many years.

“Like Brad, Ines is big into music, fashion, travel, and the arts. She’s also a hard worker with a sharp take on things, and Brad looks to her for advice about his business deals and things like home décor,” the source said.

While it is true that Pitt and de Ramon are being linked to each other, there’s still no proof that the rumored couple already made things official.

If Pitt and de Ramon are indeed dating, it is only a matter of time before the actor shares the news with the world.

However, dating each other doesn’t mean that Pitt and de Ramon are already ready to settle down and have kids. This doesn’t make sense especially since they have only been hanging out for a couple of months.

When the time is right, Pitt and de Ramon might consider tying the knot, settling down, and having children. But for now, they are just enjoying each other’s company.