Kanye West recently tied the knot with Bianca Censori, but no one knows for sure if their ceremony was legal.

In its Jan. 30 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that one of the reasons why West might have been drawn to Censori is because the latter resembles his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

But even if this is the case, those close to the rapper are still figuring out if his recent wedding to Censori is legitimate.

“They had a small ceremony and while friends aren’t sure if it’s legal, it’s very real to them. Kanye is calling her his wife and wearing a wedding ring,” the source said.

Prior to their wedding, West dropped a new single called “Censori Overload.” And the lyrics of the song state that the Bible instructed him not to be intimate with any woman before marriage.

As such, this could be one of West’s motivations for wanting to wed Censori.

As of writing, his ex-wife hasn’t responded to his wedding. And it seems Kardashian will never share her two cents about West and Censori’s union.

On her Instagram account, the reality TV star shared a cryptic post saying that she doesn’t have much to say but she has lots to do since she’s in her quiet girl era.

West and Censori’s shock wedding first made headlines on Jan. 13. But according to Daily Mail, the couple’s union isn’t legal because they did not file a marriage certificate.

So, it is possible that the wedding was just one of West’s many impulsive decisions.

Just two months earlier, his divorce from Kardashian was finalized and the court ordered him to pay his ex-wife $200,000 in child custody support.

West has also been allowed by the judge to spend time with his children. But he is not allowed to hang out with his ex-wife.

Before the court reached a decision, West and Kardashian went back and forth on their divorce, as well as the custody of their kids.

For a time, the rapper incessantly accused Kardashian of banning him from seeing his children.

In order to see them, West decided to purchase a house close to his ex-wife. But the move did not sit well with Kardashian and her lawyers.

In the end, West and Kardashian agreed to focus on their kids during this difficult time.