Victoria Beckham allegedly thinks that Nicola Peltz could be behind the recent fallout of her fashion label.

Closer UK, in its Jan. 30 issue, claimed that Beckham never really trusted Peltz. After all, the latter has been mentioning her name in all her interviews without getting any consent from her.

“Victoria can’t help but wonder if this has all come from Nicola in some sort of revenge move. Nicola knew what a big deal it was for Vic to secure two of the biggest names in the industry, and, given the current tension between them, Vic wonders if she encouraged the Hadids to work with her direct competition,” the source said.

The source added that Beckham and Peltz already had a conversation about their ongoing issues, but nothing was resolved at the end of the day.

“Vic admitted her head was just spinning and agreed to speak to Nicola to clear the air and put her mind at rest that she had any involvement, knowing how upset both she and Brooklyn could be by those accusations,” the source said.

However, Beckham allegedly thinks that she has every right to doubt Peltz especially since they haven’t been getting along in recent months.

“Vic has worked so hard to grow her brand and make it a huge success, so naturally any inkling of someone trying to knock that progress makes her panic. But she welcomes healthy competition and insists that if Stella wants to copy any of her moves, she’ll take it as a sign of flattery,” the source said.

However, it is unclear why Peltz is being dragged into Beckham’s ongoing issue with Stella when it’s obvious that the model doesn’t have anything to do with it. There’s also no indication that Beckham and Stella are feuding in the first place.

It is therefore safe to say that the tabloid is just making up stories about Beckham and have also been pitting her against Peltz. There’s no indication that the in-laws ever feuded with each other and it seems there’s no reason for them to do so because they get along just fine.

As such, it is best to always be wary of what the tabloid writes about Beckham and Peltz because they are usually just made up.