Thousands of individuals reportedly believe that the British Royal Family should remain silent about the claims Prince Harry made in his recently released memoir, “Spare.”

Express UK reported that this became apparent when results of a recent poll showed an “overwhelming” response, seemingly urging the royals not to comment on the book.

It said the poll, which ran from January 6 to January 18, asked its readers whether the British Royal Family should respond to the allegations in “Spare.”

It shared that 3,751 individuals participated and 89 percent of the data population, or 3,330 people, responded “no,” adding that the royals should keep their silence.

On the other hand, only ten percent, or 379 people, reportedly chose yes, urging the Duke of Sussex’s family to speak out.

As for the remaining one percent (42 individuals), they are said to have answered they did not know either way.

In its report published Wednesday, the publication cited some comments that participants left in the poll’s accompanying article. As noted, most of the assertions seem to agree that the British Royals should not address the allegations in “Spare,” with one netizen reportedly saying, “There is dignity in silence.”

Others are said to have echoed the sentiment, adding that not speaking out following the release of the memoir “is working well already.”

A foreign policy expert and royal enthusiast recently shared similar thoughts about the matter.

On Friday, Nile Gardiner spoke to Express UK and stated that the silence on the part of the British Royal Family “is working."

The expert continued in the exchange that the former working royal “is doing immense damage to his own reputation,” noting that the members of his family no longer need “to respond publicly.”

Gardiner also claimed that “the British public has turned greatly against” the Duke of Sussex, especially after the release of “Spare.” He added, “There could be a response from the Royal Family at a later point but at the moment, it’s the right response to let Harry destroy his own reputation.”

Prior to the official publication of “Spare,” YouGov said Prince Harry’s favorability rating fell to a new low, noting that it reached its lowest level since the tracking began in 2011.

In the platform’s survey, conducted from January 5 to January 6, the results showed just 26 percent of Britons have a positive view of the former working royal, as per the outlet, adding that he had a seven-point drop since December.

The outlet also shared that 64 percent of Britons see the Duke of Sussex negatively, an increase from the previous rating of 59 percent.