Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were together for several years, but they recently called it quits.

According to Heat UK, Scott was the one who ended his years-long relationship with Jenner because he got tired of trying to make things work.

“Travis was complaining to his friends for a while that the passion had died from the romance. He got tired of begging for any romantic time and everything being on Kylie’s schedule like he was this glorified assistant,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Jenner lost interest in Travis are learning about his cheating scandals.

“She heard about him flirting with other women and suspected it went further than that. Even though they had just been talking about marriage, they took a break over the holidays and she’s now kicked him out and wants very little to do with him,” the source said.

Even though Scott and Jenner split at least once before, the source said that this time around, there’s no turning back for the exes.

“Travis says he’s done with Kylie’s diva-like attitude and constant sense of entitlement. The trust on both sides has been wavering for a while and they were both getting bored and restless to the point it was making them miserable. There is a strong sense they wouldn’t be headed towards a reunion this time around,” the source said.

Even though it’s true that Scott and Jenner have decided to go their separate ways, they will be connected to each other because of their two children. As of late, both party has not also revealed the real reason behind their split. So, everything that the tabloid said is just based on speculations and hearsay.

And while it is true that Scott has been accused of cheating several times in the past, no one has been able to prove their claims against him.

As for rumors that Jenner is a diva, these claims have also been ongoing for many years. But the fact that Scott and Jenner only split recently proves that this wasn’t one of the reasons for their breakup.

For now, fans of Scott and Jenner just have to wait and see until they address their split during an interview or through any other means available.