Meghan Markle has been sparking rumors that she could be working on a tell-all about her time with the royal family.

Closer UK, in its Jan. 27 issue, claimed that Markle decided to work on a tell-all after seeing the success of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare.

But a source close to the Duchess of Sussex claimed that this may not be true.

“Meghan is denying that this is actively in the works, but the word has been out there for a while that it’s very much in her thoughts and plans, even if she doesn’t have a confirmed deal in place yet. It’s quite sensitive as far as timing since she wants to give Harry all the attention he and his own memoir deserves right now,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Markle could be denying that she’s working on a tell-all because it wouldn’t make any sense to make an announcement this early on.

“Down the line though, the feeling is that it’s a slam dunk for Meghan to do this herself too. The interest from publishers is definitely there, and it goes without saying that, if and when it happens, she’ll be just as forthright and hard-hitting as Harry has been if not more so,” the source said.

And just like Prince Harry’s memoir, Markle’s upcoming tell-all will allegedly be packed with explosive revelations.

“Of course, she’ll detail her life story from beginning to end, from her upbringing in LA to make it in Suits, but then she’ll focus a lot on her time in England and how it all went so horribly wrong with the royals. That would mean delving into the whole Fab Four situation – Kate in particular will be firmly in her sights,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no indication that Markle has plans to write a tell-all. If she does, nothing has been announced just yet.

It’s not surprising that some people might assume that she will also write her own tell-all. After all, Prince Harry’s memoir Spare immediately became a best-selling book.

But as of writing, Markle has other projects lined up. So, it’s unclear if she will write a tell-all anytime soon.