Kate Middleton is allegedly dumbstruck and heartbroken by Prince Harry’s allegations about her and Prince William in Spare.

In its Jan. 27 issue, Closer UK claimed that Middleton didn’t expect that Prince Harry would lay bare some of their private conversations and most intimate moments in his memoir.

A source claimed that the Princess of Wales knows that her brother-in-law is hurting. But she still didn’t expect Prince Harry to go this low in exchange for a lucrative paycheck.

“They’re in a state of shock and trying to digest everything while having to put on a smile and continue carrying out their royal duties, which is unimaginably tough. There’s only so much they can shield the children from and they are all picking up on the tension and upset behind closed doors,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Middleton is done with following royal protocol and she wants the entire world to know her side of the story. After all, Prince Harry revealed some shocking things about her.

For instance, Prince Harry claimed that Middleton became upset with Markle over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. The Princess of Wales also reportedly grimaced after Markle borrowed her lip gloss.

Prince Harry also revealed that Prince William and Middleton were behind him wearing a Nazi costumes to a Halloween party.

“Kate’s at breaking point and there’s only so much she can turn a blind eye to and keep plastering on a smile while Harry continues to bludgeon them. She’s always strictly adhered to the royal protocol since the day she married into the family. But there’s only so much she can take and in her eyes, it’s fast coming to a point where she’ll have no choice but to have her say and speak her truth to clear both her and William’s names,” the source said.

Since Middleton is not allowed to respond to Prince Harry’s claims, no one knows for sure what she thinks about her brother-in-law’s stories. It also remains unclear if she was hurt by Prince Harry’s allegations about her, Prince William, and Princess Charlotte.

As of late, there’s no proof that Middleton wants to clear her name because she doesn’t have an avenue to do so. Most often than not, the royal family releases statements via their offices and not through interviews.