Victoria Beckham has allegedly had enough of Brooklyn Beckham’s wife, Nicola Peltz.

According to New Idea, Victoria tried her best to get in Peltz’s good graces while the latter was dating her son, Brooklyn. But after they tied the knot, Posh Spice did not appreciate how Peltz kept mentioning her during her interviews.

A source claimed that one of the statements that hurt Victoria the most was when Peltz told the interviewer that the latter had a change of heart about designing her daughter-in-law’s dress.

“Vic was distraught. She’s worked so hard to build up her label and then her son’s wife makes it sound like she’s a flaky designer who bails on her clients. At the time, a few people suggested she go as far as sending Nicola a cease and desist, but Vic knew it would upset Brooklyn, especially if it ended up in court. If Nicola goes in on her professionalism again though, it might be another story,” the source said.

This is not the first time that a tabloid reported on Victoria and Peltz’s alleged feud. But it is important to note that this isn’t a new story. Since last year, there have been rumors claiming that the in-laws do not get along well with each other.

Things took a turn for the worse after Peltz mentioned Victoria during one of her interviews. After which, the claims that they are feuding simmered down up until the holidays.

Last month, Victoria posted a cryptic message on Instagram saying that she misses her son. After all, Brooklyn didn’t celebrate the holidays with his family.

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Victoria did not mention Peltz in her post. And they immediately assumed this was because the in-laws are at odds with each other.

But Peltz also previously denied the claims that she doesn’t get along well with Posh Spice. In fact, the American model admitted that the reports hurt her feelings because there was no truth to them.

Peltz and Victoria get along well with each other. And it’s not uncommon for in-laws to be pitted against each other by the tabloids. But readers should also know that none of these claims are true. At the end of the day, the Beckhams are a happy and close-knit family.