Bindi Irwin is a full-blown adult and there are ongoing rumors that she and her husband, Chandler Powell are expecting their second baby together.

New Idea, in its Jan. 23 issue, claimed that Bindi wants to raise her kids her way without her mom Terri Irwin trying to control things. So, the Dancing With the Stars champion allegedly told her mom to keep her distance from her grandchildren.

“Terri is happy to see both Bindi and Robert living their lives and thriving, but it does break her heart just a little to see her kids all grown-up and needing her less and less. She has watched on proudly as Bindi grew into a confident mother to Grace, but she knows that when the next little one arrives that Bindi will want to do things her way now – and that’s likely going to be a hard adjustment,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Bindi and Powell agreed to share less of their daughter on social media for the sake of her privacy. But Terri still kept on posting photos and videos of her granddaughter because she finds Grace very cute and adorable.

“Terri led the charge. She was excited to show off the new generation of Wildlife Warriors but Bindi and Chandler have no intentions of doing that the second time around. It’s probably not the way Terri wants, but Bindi’s told her mom that when baby number two arrives, they will be following her rules,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Bindi warned her mom about raising her daughter Grace, as well as her future children. After all, Terri may be a doting grandmother to Grace but this doesn’t mean that she’s trying to parent her and Bindi.

It’s not also true that Bindi is pregnant with baby number two. If she is, she and Powell would’ve already shared the happy news on social media.

But the fact that the couple hasn’t shared anything proves that they are not expecting a second baby just yet. So, all the tabloid’s claims do not seem to matter because there’s no baby number two in the first place.

For now, Bindi and Powell are focused on raising Grace together.