Kate Hudson is sharing her thoughts about the milestone of her iconic film, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” as it approaches its 20th anniversary.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 43-year-old actress revealed that she “can” but also “can’t” believe that the title will turn 20 this year. As noted, she was asked about the matter at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday.

During the exchange, Hudson shared her insight, as well, on the love she, her character, Andie Anderson, and the film is getting these days from social media. She noted that the romance-comedy title is “so re-watched” and “it’s so fun,” before saying, “I have all these young girls like 18, 19, who come up to me, and it’s all How to Lose a Guy.”

In the end, the “Glass Onion” actress stated, “It’s so fun. I love it.”

Kate Hudson played the role of Andie Anderson in “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.” She starred alongside Matthew McConaughey, who played the character of Ben Berry.

Earlier in December, the “Bride Wars” actress spoke to TODAY and talked about her thoughts on the film after learning about its virality on social media, particularly on TikTok.

In its report covering the exchange, People said Kate Hudson acknowledged how the rom-com title had gained a following among younger generations. She is said to have even noted how the film seemingly inspired many journalists who found inspiration in her character, a magazine writer in the Big Apple.

The “Fool’s Gold” actress shared in the engagement that she loves how “the movie lives on with younger girls,” as per the magazine.

Also, she reportedly shared that “On ‘[Glass Onion]’ during press, so many young - now there’s a new generation of journalists who would say, ‘Andie Anderson made me want to be a journalist.’”

Hudson is said to have later added, “There was a very feminist twist to that movie and it really inspired young girls and that makes me so happy.”

Elsewhere in the report from ET, published Sunday, the outlet noted that the “Deepwater Horizon” actress was at the Critics' Choice Awards to celebrate Janelle Monáe, a “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” co-star, and to whom she presented the SeeHer Award that night.

During the exchange, Kate Hudson told the outlet she was “so excited," adding that “it’s the best. I have so much to say.”

She also stated, “I think just her authenticity and her expression of self and her bravery.” She later described Monáe as “an amazing woman,” before noting, “I really love that I got to -- not only get to know her -- but become such good friends."