Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are slammed for betraying the royal family yet again.

According to National Enquirer, Prince Harry and Markle have been complaining about the things that the royal family didn’t do for them. And it seems they have forgotten that The Firm also supported the couple in more ways than one.

A source for the tabloid added that the inconsistencies in Prince Harry’s memoir and interviews are also causing the public to think long and hard if he should be trusted.

The Duke of Sussex accused the royal family of betraying him because they refused to release a statement to protect him and his wife. But the source said that the real betrayal was done by Prince Harry.

“If Harry really wants to reunite with his brother and father, he needs to stop whining to the press and be a man and call them. But he’s too henpecked to do that,” the source said.

The insider also dubbed Prince Harry as a spoiled ingrate who ignited a shameful public feud with the royal family. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t get the reaction that he was hoping for.

“Every time the prince opens his mouth, he is more outrageous and insulting to his family. The family treated him and his new bride with open arms, giving them a spectacular wedding splashed around the world and a cushy apartment like the one his brother William’s family has in Kensington Palace,” the source said.

But it seems nothing will ever be enough or right for Markle’s husband.

“But nothing the royal family did was good enough,” the source said.

While it is true that Prince Harry has so many complaints about the royal family, no one knows for sure what his family thinks about it.

After all, the royal family isn’t allowed to respond to Prince Harry’s allegations. But audiences and readers are aware that there are always two sides to a story.

And when Queen Elizabeth was still alive, she said that recollections about certain events may vary. This was her way of telling the entire world that Prince Harry and Markle’s stories may not always be accurate.

Despite this, the royal family can’t also stop Prince Harry and Markle from talking because they no longer work for The Firm.