Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have already been blessed with two children, but there are whispers the former wants to have more kids.

National Enquirer, in its Jan. 23 issue, claimed that Kidman and Urban discussed all their options now that Kidman is already in her 50s. This means the Big Little Lies star could no longer conceive a baby.

So, Kidman allegedly told Urban that the best option that they have right now is adoption.

“Nicole has had pregnancy and fertility problems in the past that kept her family smaller than she had hoped for. She found that she and Keith got so wrapped up in raising the kids, she put the idea of adopting out of her head,” the source said.

But now that Kidman and Urban’s daughters are much older, the couple feels that it’s the best time to add to their growing family.

Luckily, the A-listers have the support of their family and friends when it comes to their adoption plans. In fact, everyone’s rooting for them to find a baby that they can call their own.

“Nicole sees how wonderful Charlize [Theron] is with her two adopted daughters and how they’ve made this glorious bond as a family. It’s been an inspiration to Nicole, and she believes she’s still young enough and has the energy for another baby,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Kidman and Urban are rumored to be adding another baby to their family. For many years, multiple tabloids have been insisting that this is what the couple wants to do.

However, the fact that Kidman and Urban have not yet adopted a baby proves that this may not necessarily be part of their plans.

It is also important to note that Kidman and Urban are not getting any younger so adopting a baby right now may not be the best move for the couple.

Even though their daughters can help out with raising the newest addition to their family, Kidman and Urban will have a hard time juggling parenthood with their careers.

The couple just relocated to Australia recently so that they could be closer to Kidman’s mom, who is also not getting any younger. So, Kidman’s attention and time are already divided between her mom, children, husband, and career.