Kate Middleton is reportedly more in love with Prince William now compared to the past years.

In Touch Weekly, in its Jan. 16 issue, claimed that Middleton has also become more open about her marriage to Prince William.

“She’s sharing things no one knows about her marriage. Last year was a tough year for Kate and William. Their move from London to Windsor with their children was very taxing on them,” the source said.

The timing of their move also took a toll on Middleton because Queen Elizabeth died just before they were able to settle down.

“While Kate and William knew the day was coming, nothing could really have prepared them. Kate says it was almost a wake-up call, to never take anything for granted – especially each other,” the source said.

The death of the queen also reportedly brought Prince William and Middleton closer to each other.

“Kate is the first to say that she and William aren’t perfect. They have pet peeves that irritate the hell out of each other. William becomes impatient when Kate spends hours getting ready or can’t decide what to wear and he’s left cleaning up and putting the kids to bed. Or she gets annoyed at him for leaving her to do the cooking after a long day while he’s watching sports on TV,” the source said.

The source added that Middleton and Prince William are just like any other couple. They argue over who should go to the grocery and do certain chores.

Of course, there are also more serious issues that the Prince and Princess of Wales had to deal with.

“Like the accusations that William had an affair. Kate was not happy but they managed to pull through,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Even though it’s true that Middleton and Prince William are just like any other couple who goes through everyday issues, there’s no indication that the former is more in love with the latter these days.

Since Middleton and Prince William have been together for many years, it’s highly likely that they love each other deeply and to the core.

There’s also no proof that Middleton has become more open about her marriage to her friends in recent years.