Brad Pitt allegedly had a wild night in New York City and no one was surprised because the public knows that he’s going through so much.

In its Dec. 5 issue, New Idea published photos of Pitt looking all wasted during his night out. And the tabloid claimed that the dad of six has been a wreck behind closed doors.

“Brad might be all smiles on the red carpet, but behind closed doors, he’s been a fed-up wreck. Brad knows he’s made mistakes, but at what point will he have to stop paying for that?” the source said.

The insider added that Pitt did the best that he could as a father to his children. But it seems that his efforts still went down the drain.

“Brad knows he’s made mistakes, but at what point will he have to stop paying for that? He was a very hands-on dad. He literally has a hole in his heart and no matter how beautiful the girl is on his arm, none of them will ever fill the gap left by his kids,” the source said.

The source also clarified that Pitt hasn’t fallen off the wagon after being sober for years. Rather, he’s simply letting off steam because he’s going through so much right now.

“Seeing him finally start to have some fun is a huge relief to his close friends. Everyone’s been worried about him, so this is well overdue. He’s determined to enjoy himself when he’s out these days, rather than trying to keep his ex-wife’s lawyer happy. It’s hard though – at the end of the night he still comes back to a big empty house by himself,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no indication that Pitt went out partying while he was in New York. And there’s also no proof that he was wasted during his trip to the Big Apple.

The photos of Pitt looking wasted may have been altered or were taken at a compromising moment. But the photos do not prove that he’s struggling.

And even though it’s true that Pitt has been through so much, the actor seems to be doing well and there’s no indication that his life is falling apart.