Lindsay Lohan found it “frustrating” that she did not have much to say as she played the character of Cady in “Mean Girls.” She previously revealed that it even felt like she had “no lines” in the hit movie.

Cheat Sheet recently unearthed a sit-down talk the 36-year-old actress had with Cosmopolitan for an episode of its “The Breakdown.” As noted, she talked about some of her previous roles and shared insights on the characters, including the iconic Cady Heron.

Lohan revealed in the exchange that “Mean Girls was a lot of nonverbal acting” for her. She explained that it was because she “had like no lines in the movie,” noting that “it was all pre-taped voiceover.”

The “Parent Trap” star continued that it was “frustrating” because “everyone was getting to talk, and I’m like, ‘I need to say something!’”

The publication noted in its report, published Friday, that “Mean Girls” utilized a voiceover technique to narrate the experiences and thoughts of Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady Heron.

Meanwhile, despite finding the said aspect of the film “frustrating,” the “Freaky Friday” actress stated in the same sit-down chat that filming and working on “Mean Girls” was “so much fun.”

Lohan revealed that she and the rest of the cast “were always just hanging out together.” She also shared that they “became such a close family” to the point that working on the film “didn’t even feel really like work at all.”

The “Just My Luck” star seemingly had a similar thought about her approach to acting nearly two decades after “Mean Girls” hit the big screens.

In a cover feature for Cosmopolitan, published in October 2022, Lindsay Lohan discussed how she tackles her roles at this point in her career. This came after she was asked about it during the interview, considering that she has been in the industry since she was 5.

The actress shared in the exchange that her approach is “always evolving.” She noted that “it comes very naturally to me to play a role, especially in a romantic comedy, so it doesn’t always feel like work.”

Lohan argued, however, that “when you really look at the character and how much more you can give people onscreen through the character’s eyes, there’s so much to play with and change.”

These days, the “Speak” artist is making a comeback to films. One of her latest works, “Falling For Christmas,” recently dropped on Netflix as part of her multi-picture deal with the streaming giant.

Reports said Lindsay Lohan is also set to star in another Netflix material, “Irish Wish,” which will drop on the platform in 2023.