Demi Lovato brings the spotlight to her “hot” partner, Jutes, in a new post. She also referred to him as her “boyfriend” in the caption of her social media update.

On Monday, the 30-year-old artist posted three photos on her official Instagram account. The first two pictures feature her solo shots, while the third shows her with the musician, whose real name is Jordan Lutes.

In the caption, Lovato wrote: “Swipe left to see how hot my boyfriend is.”

The post has amassed over 330,000 likes and more than 3,200 comments.

People shared in a report published Tuesday that the “Cool For The Summer” singer’s latest post marks the first time she has referred to Jutes as her boyfriend on Instagram. It noted that she has been coy about sharing photos of her partner on the platform since they began their relationship.

The magazine also stated that the musician later replied to Demi Lovato’s caption in the post. He is said to have commented that swiping is not "necessary to see how sexy my gf is.”

The social media update reportedly came after the songstress attended the premiere of “The Walking Dead” finale in Los Angeles on Monday.

Demi Lovato’s relationship with Jutes first made headlines earlier in August. At the time, the singer’s new love life was unnamed, as sources only referred to him as her “fellow musician.”

Speaking exclusively to People, which published the claims on August 8, an insider stated that the “Sorry Not Sorry” artist was “dating a fellow musician.” It was also noted that their relationship was “happy and healthy,” adding that he is “a super great guy.”

Later that month, Lovato and Lutes debuted their romance when they stepped out together in New York.

Ahead of the outing, the “Camp Rock” actress spoke to Extra and shared a few insights into her new relationship. The outlet, which published the exchange after the couple went public, noted that the interview was taped just before that event.

In the engagement, Demi Lovato confirmed that she was “seeing someone,” and was “very happy” about it. She also stated that she felt the relationship “inspired so many of the love songs” on her latest album, “Holy Fvck.”

The artist told the outlet, as well, that she wanted to keep their relationship “private as long as possible.” Although, she was said to have countered that she was prepared to eventually share that aspect of her life with her fans.