Danish royals Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik reunited with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie at Queen Margrethe’s 50th Jubilee celebrations. However, there are whispers that it was all just for show.

In its Nov. 28 issue, New Idea claimed that the royal couples, who have been estranged for months, were given clear and strict instructions to be in their best behavior.

“The queen has landed in a very unpleasant situation during what should be her golden year. The only one who can help her now is Prince Joachim. He must be seen out in Denmark playing happy families,” the source said.

In September, the Danish royal family made headlines after Queen Margrethe announced that she will be stripping off the royal titles of her three grandchildren. The decision allegedly upset Prince Joachim, who was in Paris for his royal duties.

Woman’s Day also published a similar story about the Danish royal family. The tabloid claimed that the reunion between the brothers was just for show.

“While it’s nice that the queen has brought her children together in a show of unity, most people think it was more for publicity than anything, to smooth over all the bad headlines over the past few months,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the brothers’ wives were obviously upset with each other because they barely looked at each other.

“Mary and Marie certainly didn’t look happy to be back in each other’s company, and they all sat at separate tables once they were inside. Fred didn’t look at all pleased. This feud between the brothers and their wives has been going on for a long time. There are a lot of hurt feelings,” the source said.

While it is true that Prince Joachim’s children were stripped of their titles, it didn’t cause any problems among Queen Margrethe’s children. There’s also no indication that the brothers were given instructions to be amicable during Jubilee celebrations.

It’s obvious that the tabloid just made up this story to make it seem as though the Danish royal family is having issues even when they are not.

For now, Prince Joachim is still performing his duties and so does his brother and sister-in-law. His children were stripped of their titles to slim down the Danish monarchy.