Jason Aldean allegedly lost a whopping 35 pounds after he stopped eating junk food.

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 28 issue, claimed that Aldean topped the scales at 225 pounds. But he is now down to 190 pounds after deciding to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

“Jason found out as he moved into his 40s his metabolism slowed, and anything he ate stuck right to him. It’s especially hard when you’re out there playing shows and your dinnertime might be midnight or later. Jason says skipping the pizzas on his tour bus in the wee hours of the morning went a long way toward dumping weight,” the source said.

The tabloid then spoke to their resident doctor, Dr. Stuart Fischr, who said that Aldean is no longer at risk of suffering multiple illnesses that come from being obese.

But while it is true that Aldean lost a considerable amount of weight recently, it’s unclear what he did to achieve his weight loss. It is possible that he didn’t just cut down on his junk food but also made some adjustments to the other foods that he loved to consume.

Meanwhile, Aldean also made headlines earlier this year amid claims that he has a huge crush on Adele and wants to collaborate with the British singer.

“Jason’s in awe of her talent but more than that he’s got a huge crush on her. He thinks she’s turned into a full-blown hottie now that she’s gotten all fit and he openly says it,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Aldean’s wife Brittany isn’t threatened by Adele because she has a girl crush on her too.

“At this point, Jason has had no response from Adele or her camp about his desire to perform with her. But he’s a persistent guy. He won’t stop trying,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Aldean has a crush on Adele or that he wanted to collaborate with her.

If Aldean really wanted to work with Adele, he would’ve already made something happen right now. But the fact that nothing has happened between the two artists proves that they wouldn’t be collaborating anytime soon.

And it’s not also true that Aldean’s wife has a girl crush on Adele.