Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have kept the details of their 11-year relationship out of the spotlight. While it is unclear whether the two celebrities already tied the knot, a new social media post from the actress reportedly suggests that they probably did it.

On Tuesday, the 48-year-old celebrity posted a photo of herself on her official Instagram account. It shows her as she covers her face with her wrist, allowing fans and followers to peek at her tattoo, which reads “de Gosling.”

People said in its report, covering the matter, that the wrist tattoo seemingly suggests she and the 42-year-old actor may be already married. It explained that the use of “de” or “of” in Hispanic culture “unifies the woman’s last name with her husband’s after marriage.”

Accordingly, the magazine noted that Mendes’ tattoo could indicate a “Mrs. Gosling” title.

Harper's Bazaar shared a similar explanation in an earlier report published Tuesday. It stated that married women in Hispanic culture often add their husband’s last name to their own full name using “de” or “of,” separating the two.

The outlet added that the actress's name could be Eva Mendes de Gosling after tying the knot with Ryan Gosling.

While the “Ghost Rider” actress and the “La La Land” actor remain silent about their relationship, reports pointed out that the tattoo is still a romantic gesture on her part as it symbolizes their commitment to one another.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Eva Mendes has shown her wrist tattoo, according to Page Six.

The publication shared in a recent report that the actress gave her fans and followers a glimpse at the design back in 2020. It also recalled that she showed her ink again after posting a photo on Instagram earlier in September.

But, as pointed out, Mendes only did subtle displays of the tattoo in the past.

Us Weekly shares in a report that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes seemingly began their relationship while working on the set of “The Place Beyond The Pines” in 2011, with an insider telling the outlet that they have been “friends for years.”

While the two celebrities rarely talked about their relationship, they had been seen together multiple times in the years that followed. They then surprised their fans and followers when they confirmed their first pregnancy in 2014.

Mendes and Gosling welcomed another child two years later. They became parents of two shortly after announcing their second pregnancy, as per the publication.