Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor recently had an outing months after confirming their reconciliation. They even posed for photos during the night out, with a report stating they looked happier than ever.

The Daily Mail shared that the 56-year-old actor and the 51-year-old actress paused for a photo session upon arrival at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York City on Sunday. As noted, the couple went out for the opening night of the Broadway show, “The Old Man And The Pool,” which stars comedian Mike Birbiglia.

Stiller is said to have kept his ensemble stylishly casual for the outing with his wife. He reportedly donned a dark navy button-up, a black undershirt, and a black wool coat.

The publication continued that the “Zoolander” actor also sported a pair of black pants and blue Adidas sneakers to complete the look.

Meanwhile, the “Wedding Singer” actress is described as “fashionably chic” with her outfit for the Broadway premiere. As noted, she wore a satin tank top and a pair of high-waisted dress pants with a thin, tan belt.

Taylor is also said to have completed her ensemble with a black and white tweed coat and open-toed black heels.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, who separated in 2017, have rekindled their romance years after the split.

The “Meet The Parents” star revealed the matter in an interview with Esquire earlier this year.

The publication shared in its piece, published in February 2022, that the two celebrities, who share two children, decided that it would be best if he moved back into their family home earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic. It explained that the move would be the only way for him to be with their kids due to the lockdown.

Ben Stiller consequently told the outlet that his and Christine Taylor’s ties “evolved” during that period, adding that they “were separated and got back together and we’re happy about that.”

The “Along Came Polly” actor continued, “It's been really wonderful for all of us. Unexpected, and one of the things that came out of the pandemic."

Us Weekly recalls in a report that Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor met on the set of a TV pilot titled “Heat Vision and Jack” in 1999, with the outlet adding it was pretty much love at first sight.

In May 2000, the celebrity couple had a destination wedding and officially tied the knot in Kauai, Hawaii. They welcomed their first child two years later and became parents of two in 2005.

Taylor and Stiller announced their split together 17 years after their wedding. In a joint statement to the publication, they said they had decided to separate “with tremendous love and respect for each other.”