Kanye West’s friends are allegedly worried about the singer because he’s going through so much right now.

In its Nov. 21 issue, National Enquirer claimed that West’s friends are worried about him just taking his own life because he’s dealing with so many issues.

“There’s been serious concern that Kanye could decide to just end his life one day. He’s thought about suicide before, by his own admission, and those fears have only increased in light of his recent behavior. He’s a runaway train, and it’s all going to end in disaster if he doesn’t turn on the brakes and soon,” the source said.

To try and prove their claims, the tabloid consulted with a doctor who has never met West. Dr. Gilda Carle said that it is possible for West not to be in the correct headspace right now.

“He’s probably not in his right mind and should be hospitalized,” the doctor said.

The previous source insisted that West has never been through something as bad as what he’s going through right now. So, those close to him are looking out for him.

“Kanye has never faced this kind of adversity before. He’s been defensive thus far, but the fear is it’s all going to hit him, and it’ll prompt him to take the only way out that he knows. It’s a scary thought any way you look at it,” the source said.

While it is true that West is going through so much right now, there’s no indication that he’s at risk of taking his own life. Even if the rapper admitted to trying to commit suicide in the past, this doesn’t mean that he would do this again.

It’s not also true that West is struggling amid all the controversies that he’s involved in. After all, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband seems to be taking things in stride.

West recently sat down for interviews where he said that he doesn’t regret the things that he said about Jewish people. In fact, West also refused to acknowledge the fact that he is losing millions after several brands cut ties with him.

It’s obvious that the tabloid is just exaggerating its claims about West since he is involved in a slew of controversies. However, he seems to be doing fine and it seems that his mental health is also in check.