A royal expert reportedly urged Prince Harry to “walk away” from his and Meghan Markle’s deal with Netflix. It is said that he would even become a “hero” if he did so.

Express UK reported that the claims were from Angela Levin, who authored the 2018 book, “Harry: A Biography of a Prince.” As noted, she spoke with The Sun and shared some of her thoughts about the deal that the former working royals signed with the streaming giant in 2020.

The royal author is said to have stated that if Prince Harry “has a guilty conscience, he could do something about it,” adding, “of course he could.” 

Levin even reportedly suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “could give them their money back and walk away.” However, she is stated to have alleged that “he doesn’t want to,” although the report did not include any further information regarding the claim.

In the end, the royal expert told the outlet that Prince Harry would “be a hero if he walked away” from the deal before emphasizing, “Harry should walk away,” as per the publication.

The reported statements come after the new and fifth season of “The Crown” dropped on Netflix. The ten-episode installment premiered on Wednesday, with its plot tackling the events from the British Royal Family’s life in the ‘90s.

BuzzFeed News said in a recent report that the latest season depicts the British Royals in a “tumultuous period,” where a devastating fire took place at Windsor Castle and the breakdown of three royal marriages happened. As added, these include, as well, the separation and divorce of the late Princess Diana and the now-King Charles III.

The publication continued that many high-profile personalities urged the streaming giant and the series to add disclaimers to the episodes, giving viewers a notice that the title is a fictional production. But, despite the criticisms and calls for it, the platform reportedly declined.

Even so, the outlet said “The Crown” points out in its official description that it is not a documentary, and part of its tagline reads, “Inspired by real events.”

Meanwhile, another royal author previously urged Prince Harry to cancel his deal with Netflix and “show some loyalty to his country.”

The Mirror, in its report published in September, shared that Robert Jobson made his thoughts known via social media, adding that he insisted the former working royals should cut off ties with the streaming giant.

As noted, the royal author initially questioned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex about how they can even “carry on” with their partnership with Netflix while many viewers allegedly believe the fictionalized drama “is fact.” He is also said to have claimed that the then-upcoming series “will cause untold damage” to King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla “around the world early in his reign.”

In the end, Jobson reportedly asked the royal-born Prince to “show some loyalty” to his home country.