Julia Roberts was allegedly a heartbreaker when she was much younger.

A source told Star that Roberts changed a lot after she married Danny Moder. But before they met, the actress didn’t also want to have kids.

“Julia was a lot more flighty in those days. She broke a few hearts along the way,” the source said.

Years ago, Roberts was linked to Kiefer Sutherland. The couple got engaged but their wedding never pushed through. Back then, there were rumors that Roberts cheated on Sutherland with his best friend, Jason Patric.

The Pretty Woman star already denied the allegations multiple times but the tabloid insisted that their version of events is the one that’s accurate.

Roberts was also linked to a slew of other men in the past until she finally decided to marry Moder. In fact, she was also rumored to have feelings for George Clooney.

While promoting their movie Ticket to Paradise, Roberts and Clooney explained why they never dated each other.

“Julia was always in a relationship, or I was in a relationship. And we were fast friends right away. So it was nothing, but it's been nothing but fun for us. So, I don't think that was ever really a thing,” Clooney said (via Elle). 

But even if the actor already debunked the speculations about the real score between him and Roberts, several tabloids still insisted that there was something more between the two.

Roberts and Clooney’s close relationship allegedly left Moder and Amal Clooney feeling jealous. And it reached a point where the A-listers’ spouses joined forces in trying to stop their relationship from progressing into something more than a friendship.

However, none of these claims are true. Roberts is happily married to Moder so it’s unlikely for her head to turn. And if she wanted to date Clooney, she would’ve already done it a long time ago.

The same can also be said for Clooney, who is smitten with his wife, Amal. The couple seems like a match made in heaven so it’s also unlikely for the actor to pursue Roberts at this point in his life.

Today, Clooney and Roberts are still good friends. And their families have also hung out on multiple occasions. This proves that everything is civil and casual between the A-listers.