Matthew Perry allegedly angered a lot of people following the release of his memoir Spare.

An unnamed source told Us Weekly that some people from the industry did not like how Perry bashed some of his projects. After all, the actor seemingly forgot that he needed the project back then.

“For some of his old colleagues, it’s downright unprofessional, especially bashing projects,” the source said.

But those close to Perry are allegedly thrilled that he didn’t say anything bad about them.

“They’re all very supportive of Matt and proud of him for coming clean. It wasn’t easy for Matt to share stories from his painful past, but he’s happy with how it turned out,” the source said.

In the last two weeks, multiple tabloids have been publishing their different takes on Perry’s memoir. Woman’s Day claimed that Hollywood turned its back on Perry after he wished for Keanu Reeves to die.

“They all can appreciate he’s got to sell books but going after Keanu – that’s the final straw,” the source said.

Star, on the other hand, claimed that Perry’s Friends co-stars texted each other following the release of Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

“They were texting and talking amongst each other. They were brainstorming what he could dredge up about the past. He’s just shooting from the hip and letting the chips fall wherever,” the source said.

And a third source told Us Weekly last week that Perry received the support of his Friends co-stars.

“[They’re] all very supportive and proud of him to be coming clean and giving himself closure in so many areas. There was a wariness in the build-up to the release for sure, that he may have spilled a lot more embarrassing secrets than he did,” the source said.

It’s unclear where Perry and his co-stars’ heads are really at following the release of his memoir. After all, they have not given any interviews about the actor’s book.

In fact, even Reeves has not responded to Perry’s recent criticisms because everyone seems to be busy with their respective projects. And they do not have time to meddle with Perry’s book.

Some critics are also encouraging Perry’s friends not to react to his memoir because this would just be free publicity for the actor.