Zac Efron reportedly looked unrecognizable on the set of his new movie.

A source told Us Weekly that Efron had to beef up his role in The Iron Claw. And beefing up means that the actor had to gain some weight and muscles.

“Zac’s excited about this part. Zac knew there was no room for half-measures as far as his physical appearance, and he’s super happy with the way it all came together,” the source said.

Efron previously revealed that getting fit for his role in Baywatch caused him to suffer from depression. So, he decided to change things up a bit this time around.

“Zac’s been eating a lot of protein and carbs and working out like a Trojan in the gym, focusing on his core, weight lifting, and cardio. He’s getting a ton of positive feedback from friends and movie bosses – all the hard work clearly paid off,” the source said.

The tabloid also published a photo of Efron and it’s evident how much his appearance changed in recent months. He is buffer, leaner, and bigger. But there’s no questioning the fact that The High School Musical alum is at his healthiest.

Meanwhile, Efron also made headlines recently amid claims that he almost got into a relationship with Miley Cyrus while he was still staying in Australia during the pandemic.

In May, Heat UK alleged that Efron and Cyrus immediately hit it off because they have known each other for years.

“They’ve known each other since they were kids, and they used to party together back before Zac got sober. But he was with Vanessa Hudgens and Miley was with other guys, so it never got beyond flirting and a mutual attraction that they didn’t act on,” the source said.

However, if Cyrus and Efron were ever interested in each other, they would have most likely acted on it already. But the fact that they never dated proves that the tabloid’s claims are inaccurate.

But it is true that Efron is preparing for his role in The Iron Claw. The film follows the life of professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich and his entire family. Efron will play the role of the professional wrestler in the movie.