Kanye West has reportedly been removed from Forbes’ billionaire's list following a series of controversies in which he was involved.

In Touch Weekly, in its Nov. 14 issue, claimed that West is no longer worth $400 million after losing three-quarters of his fortune. Several brands cut ties with the rapper following his anti-Semitic remarks.

West tried to downplay the situation by saying that he’s not defined by how much money he makes. But a source for the tabloid claimed that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is secretly spiraling because of what happened.

“He claims he doesn’t care, but he’s spiraling and acting extremely erratically,” the source said.

The source added that those with West have also decided to abandon him after what happened. They are allegedly worried that they could be dragged into the rapper’s scandal.

“By severing ties with Kanye, the company may lose $250 million this year alone, but they couldn’t afford to be associated with him after what he said. He’s always surrounded himself with ‘yes’ men but even that group is dwindling. He has mental health issues, but that’s no excuse for hatred,” the source said.

Even West’s ex-wife allegedly minimized her communication with the rapper. And as much as possible, Kardashian doesn’t want to be associated with Ye anymore.

“And she’s scaled back communication unless it has to do with their kids. She’s also protecting her own financial interests as his fall apart. No one can predict what Kanye will do or say next. She just hopes she’ll get help before it’s too late,” the source said.

While it is true that West’s net worth was affected by the brand's recent decision to end its partnerships with him, it’s not true that West is struggling with money.

In fact, the rapper seems to be set for life and so are his four children.

As of late, no one knows if Kardashian decided to stop communicating with West unless it’s about their kids because these conversations happen in private.

For now, West is trying to stay low-key after everything that he said and all the controversy that he caused. But it’s only a matter of time before he returns to the limelight because this is not the first time that he was involved in a scandal and seemingly bounced back.