Meghan Markle allegedly asked Reese Witherspoon to guest on her podcast Archetypes, but the actress refused.

In its Nov. 7 issue, New Idea claimed that Markle became upset with Witherspoon’s decision because she really wanted to get the Big Little Lies star on board.

“Meghan wants Reese Witherspoon on board so badly. There is a rumor she tried to have her on the episode examining the bimbo trope, given Reese’s role in Legally Blonde. But in the end, she went with Paris Hilton,” the source said.

The source also claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has been hoping to collaborate with Witherspoon because she’s everything that the duchess wants to be.

“Reese is powerful, successful, and highly respected. Meghan thought they’d be a natural team, but Reese doesn’t seem interested,” the source said.

However, the source is also claiming that Witherspoon’s reluctance to team up with Markle might have something to do with Kate Middleton. After all, the actress has always been smitten with the Princess of Wales.

“Reese and Kate got on like a house on fire and stayed in touch. Reese wouldn’t be happy about how Meghan’s spoken publicly about her rift with Kate, so it’s no doubt she’s giving her a wide berth,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Markle tried to invite Witherspoon to Archetypes, but the latter rejected the invitation.

And it’s even more untrue that Witherspoon and Middleton got on like a house on fire. All these claims are exaggerated to once again put Markle in a negative light and Middleton in a positive light.

While it is true that Witherspoon has always been a fan of Middleton, the actress has also said some nice things about Markle. So, the tabloid’s claims are really baseless.

The Duchess of Sussex did not also say that Hilton was just her second choice when it came to the person that she wanted to interview on the topic of bimbos. These claims were just made up by the tabloid and exaggerated by the publication as well.

For now, Markle is busy with her podcast and other projects and so is Witherspoon so no one knows for sure if they will ever have the chance to collaborate anytime soon.