Norman Reedus allegedly wants his future wife, Diane Krueger to join him as one of the cast members of The Walking Dead spinoff.

A source told National Enquirer that Reedus felt that it was perfect timing after his co-star, Melissa McBride decided not to take on her role because she didn’t want to film overseas.

Since the project could take years of filming because it will most likely be renewed for multiple seasons, Reedus thought that it would make sense for Krueger to join him. After all, this means that they could always be together.

“Norman knows if his spinoff show is a hit, he may be at it for years, and he wants his family with him. He and Diane plan to marry next year and Norman hates the idea of starting off by being away from each other for months at a time. And he thinks Diane would slay it,” the source said.

The source claimed that Krueger seems to be open to the idea because she already expressed her desire to be part of the project. However, nothing has been finalized yet because only the first season has been written.

“The first season is already written, but Diane is open to joining up in the future. She’s been wary of intertwining their careers, but she sees how important it is to Norman so she’s up for it if producers want to bring her on board,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Reedus wants his fiancée to be part of The Walking Dead spinoff. After all, there are a lot of actors out there who can take on McBride’s role.

The decision to cast Krueger or other actors wouldn’t also depend on Reedus but on the casting directors and producers of the spinoff. So, while there’s no doubt that Krueger is a professional, casting her alongside Reedus might not necessarily work for the franchise.

After all, the A-listers are a real-life couple and this might not appeal to some audiences.

There could also be some downsides to couples working on TV shows together because they spend too much time with each other and their issues could also get in the way of their acting gigs.