Sarah Jessica Parker reportedly raised her two daughters to be strong young women.

According to Life & Style, when Parker’s kids were much younger, she never coddled them. In fact, she trained them early by giving them chores if they wanted to buy something.

“SJP made sure to instill values in them from an early age. Tabitha and Marion have always had chores and worked for certain pricier things they’ve wanted and they are very aware of how fortunate they are,” the source said.

The source added that Parker should be given credit for raising her children to be independent of each other even though they are all close as a family.

“While Tabitha and Marion are very different from each other, they both speak their minds. They know right from wrong, and they don’t have a problem calling out injustices. It amazes their mother,” the source said.

Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick also did a wonderful job in raising their son, Matthew. But the couple immediately knew that raising girls would be trickier when they had their daughters.

“Like most teenagers, the twins have various career goals and dream jobs, but their interests vary from becoming a writer to teaching, working with animals, and learning fashion design. Their interests change every six months,” the source said.

Parker thinks that there’s a huge possibility that her children could end up as actors because she and her husband have spent most part of their lives on set.

While it must be true that Parker raised three beautiful, talented, and amazing children, it’s unclear why the tabloid is suddenly talking about the actress’s parenting style.

The Sex and the City actress did not talk about her kids during a recent interview so it’s unclear where their story is coming from. And the fact that Parker has not shared such personal information about her kids means that the tabloid just created its story for click bait purposes.

Months ago, Parker also made headlines amid her ongoing feud with her former co-star Kim Cattrall. The latter previously opened up about the tensions that they experienced on the set and accused Parker of faking her niceness toward her.

Cattrall also refused to reprise her role in the Sex and the City reboot because she didn’t want to work with Parker again.