Vladimir Putin has been threatening to unleash nuclear bombs in the United States if NATO will back Ukrainian forces.

But a source told National Enquirer that it seems Putin has lost touch with reality and he’s also becoming increasingly desperate.

“It’s pretty clear Russia’s armed forces are in disarray, and Putin is getting increasingly desperate,” Dr. Jim Garrow said.

Another source also claimed that Putin is not thinking clearly about the threats that he has been throwing out. After all, it seems he has become obsessed with Russia’s war with Ukraine and he’s ready to put his entire regime at risk but cutting ties with other leaders.

Another source said that Putin could be launching an all-out war against the United States and other countries because he’s sick and doesn’t have much to lose anyway.

“If Putin is indeed sick, then it would suggest he has little to lose and everything to gain through the use of a nuclear weapon. It would also show China, definitely, that he is in charge. He has to show Chinese Premier Xi Jinping he’s in total control – given recent incursions by China’s military units into Russian territory,” the source said.

For now, Garrow insists that it’s such a dangerous moment not just for the United States, Russia, and Ukraine but for the whole world. After all, no one knows what Putin’s next move would be.

Months ago, Putin told other world leaders that he will not launch an attack against Ukraine so they were all shocked when he did. At the time, the Russian leader was also making headlines because of his alleged health issues.

Critics of Putin claimed that he could be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, a heart condition, or even cancer. However, his doctors have not said anything about his alleged illness.

Some people also believe that Putin is keeping his health issues a secret because he doesn’t want his enemies to take advantage of his weakness.

But unless his doctors announce that he’s sick, everything that’s being said about Putin’s health is just based on speculations and hearsay.

For now, the entire world needs to be wary of Putin’s next move because one of the accurate things that the tabloid said had to do with the leader not having a problem with burning bridges.