Prince Harry is allegedly torn between his wife, Meghan Markle, and his dad, King Charles III because he wants to return to his royal duties but knows that he wouldn’t be allowed to do so.

A source told Star that King Charles III is more than willing to take Prince Harry back in but he has one important condition. The Duke of Sussex will not push through with the release of his memoir. And if he decides to release it that he won’t mention anything negative about the royal family.

But even if Prince Harry decides to follow his dad’s request, he still wouldn’t be able to return to his royal duties because Markle made it crystal clear that she won’t allow him.

“Charles is on edge about the book. He’ll take Harry back into the fold under one condition – there’s no more drama. Kate and William could really do with an extra pair of hands and are also hinting that Harry and Meghan need to return to royal life,” the source said.

After attending the queen’s funeral, Prince Harry realized how much he missed his family. But he’s now caught in the middle and is struggling to decide what he should do next.

“Harry is so stuck in the middle. In many ways, he feels obligated to serve the people, but there’s no way he’d give up his marriage to Meghan,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Prince Harry has not expressed any desire to return to his royal duties following the queen’s funeral.

In fact, after the service was over, he and Markle immediately returned to the United Kingdom to be with their children.

It’s also business as usual for the couple because they are back to doing their duties. Markle is set to release a new episode of Archetypes this week. And the couple is also busy working on their docuseries for Netflix.

So, it’s unlikely for Prince Harry to ever return to his royal duties unless some changes will be put in place to ensure his and his entire family’s safety.

For now, King Charles III tapped Sophie, Countess of Wessex to help him out with his new role as monarch. And he also enlisted the help of Princess Beatrice.