Prince Harry allegedly returned to the United States with a heavy heart because he was hoping to spend a few more days with his family after the queen’s funeral.

An unnamed source told Heat UK that Prince Harry missed his family so much. Even though there are still tensions between him and his relatives, there’s no denying the fact that they will always be bonded for life. After all, they are a family.

So, after the queen’s funeral, Prince Harry wanted to stay for a few more days in the United Kingdom but he figured that Meghan Markle wouldn’t likely agree. So, he just went home with her.

“Harry didn’t want to argue with Meghan and she’d had enough of what she calls the bad vibes. But ideally, he would have liked to fly the kids over and extend their stay, so he could spend more time with his father and try to mend things with Williams. There’s so much unfinished business between them, and Harry’s struggling with the situation,” the source said.

However, Markle doesn’t feel the same about Prince Harry’s family. And of course, she was already away from Archie and Lilibet for a couple of days and didn’t want to make the distance between them even bigger.

According to the source, the Duke of Sussex is just looking for the perfect opportunity to return to the United Kingdom so that he could spend more time with his family. And it seems that the most sensible time is during the holidays.

“He intends to come back to the UK before Christmas – most likely alone. He wants to sit down with the king and his brother and call a truce. He’s hopeful that his father will compromise, so he and Meghan can still be part of the royal family while doing their own thing in the US,” the source said.

But before Prince Harry could set foot in the UK again and spend time with his family, King Charles III needs to approve his son’s plans first. It’s unclear what his schedule would be like then because he will most likely be busy with his new royal duties.

However, one thing’s for sure, Prince Harry will return to the UK solo. And it’s unlikely for Markle to join him because she only returned to Britain for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.