Jennifer Aniston is fuming after learning that Brad Pitt lied to her face.

In 2005, Aniston sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair and said that she was shocked when she saw Pitt’s photo with Angelina Jolie. However, the Friends star also defended her ex-husband by saying that Pitt wouldn’t do something like that intentionally.

However, recent reports from In Touch Weekly revealed that it was intentional after all. And Angelina Jolie had something to do with it. But Aniston is most upset with Pitt, who told her that he never cheated on her with the Maleficent star.

“It’s devastating how Brad lied to Jen’s face and how Angelina schemed to publicly humiliate her rival on a worldwide scale. No wonder Jen still tells friends Angie ruined her life,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Pitt and Jolie didn’t seem to have any regrets about what they did to Aniston, especially the actress.

“Brad and Angelina had no shame. She had a plan to seduce him, and he couldn’t resist,” the source said.

At one point during her marriage to Pitt, Aniston allegedly had suspicions that he could be cheating on her. After all, he came home smelling like Jolie’s perfume. And the actor said that it was because he was filming with the actress the whole day.

“There was even a night when Angie showed up at Jen’s house hoping to tell her all about the affair, but Brad intervened and Angie instead gave some lame excuse about the need to talk about a last-minute script change. Jen, bless her heart, believed Angelina,” the source said.

At the end of the day, Aniston couldn’t help but think that Jolie destroyed her marriage to Pitt for nothing. After all, her relationship with Pitt did not last very long either.

As of late, Aniston has not reacted to the allegations that Jolie was the one who tipped a magazine where they could find her and Pitt back in 2005. So, no one knows for sure what she thinks and how she feels about it.

So, the claims made by the tabloid were obviously made up. And there’s no indication that the magazine insider’s claims were even accurate in the first place.

Pitt and Jolie have not also reacted to the allegations.