Gwen Stefani is allegedly sick and tired of always being around Blake Shelton. So, the singer couldn’t wait for her husband’s tour to begin.

In its Oct. 3 issue, Globe claimed that Stefani and Shelton are not necessarily feuding with each other. And it’s unlikely that they are falling out of love.

But the fact that they are together 24/7 has not been good for their marriage. After all, the No Doubt singer thinks it would be great if they have the chance to miss each other every now and then.

“She figures it’ll do them good, but wishes this tour was starting sooner in all honesty since she and Blake haven’t had much space in forever and that’s affected the romantic vibe between them in a big way,” the source said.

The source said that if it were only up to Shelton, he wants to always be around his wife. In fact, he’s hoping that Stefani would also join him on tour.

“Blake is hoping she’ll join him on tour but it’s not gonna happen. She wants to chill in L.A., catch up with friends, and let Blake do his thing without her. She wants him to man up and stop being so needy but he’s not going to take kindly to this impending trial separation,” the source said.

Star also published a similar story about Stefani and Shelton. The tabloid’s source claimed that Stefani is looking forward to her much-needed “me time.”

“Gwen loves Blake dearly but he’s been extremely clingy of late. She figures it’ll do them good to be apart for a while,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Stefani wants some space from her husband. And there’s also no indication that Shelton became too clingy for his own good.

Since the couple is married and they also work together on The Voice, they have no choice but to spend as much time with each other. And it’s unlikely that they have gotten tired of this setup.

As of late, Stefani has not yet confirmed her appearance at Shelton’s upcoming tour. But there is a huge possibility that the doting wife would be there to support her husband.

What’s more, Stefani could also join Shelton on stage for a surprise performance.