Queen Consort Camilla is allegedly committed to staying in power. And now that she has a new royal title, she plans to keep things her way.

In its Oct. 3 issue, Globe claimed that Camilla and King Charles III had a private conversation regarding their new roles and duties. The former told her husband that even though he’s the monarch, he should still consult her before making major decisions.

“Even as monarch, he’ll defer to his 75-year-old wife at every turn. Frankly, she’s become unstoppable,” the source said.

Camilla also wants Kate Middleton to remember that she’s now on top. Tis means that she expects the Princess of Wales to curtsy to her every time they see each other.

“The bad feeling Camilla has toward Kate has most certainly not gone away and the queen consort is being very petty, even to the point of reducing Kate to tears by forbidding her from taking sentimental items that once belonged to William’s late grandmother,” the source said.

As the new queen consort, Camilla has allegedly been getting all the jewelry that she likes from the queen’s collection. And whatever will be left behind are the ones that Middleton and Meghan Markle could choose from.

“Anything Camilla sees and wants to grab for herself she does, and the scope is endless since Charles has given her carte blanche to take what she wants and deems necessary,” the source said.

Camilla also thinks that she has the right to choose among the queen’s horses and keep whichever one she likes. Her greediness is allegedly off the charts.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Camilla has become out of control ever since she became the queen consort.

The royal family is still mourning the death of the queen so it’s unlikely for them to already be focused on what jewelry and horses they could keep. None of these claims are true.

It’s not also possible for King Charles III to follow Camilla. It is the other way around because he is the monarch and Camilla is just there to support him just like what she has been doing throughout the past couple of years.

As such, it’s always best to be careful with what to believe in especially when it comes to the royal family.