Michelle Obama and Jill Biden allegedly dislike each other. And they just make joint public appearances because of their husbands.

A source told Globe that the tension was noticeable when Michelle and Jill reunited recently.

“Jill and Michelle are stiff and uncomfortable at the unveiling and looked like they might draw daggers over one wrong word. They tolerated each other from a distance and it’s no secret how much they annoy each other whenever they’ve had to appear in public in the past,” the source said.

Jill has also allegedly been telling everyone that she was not the one who wanted Michelle at the unveiling. Rather, it was Joe Biden because he’s good friends with Barack Obama.

The FLOTUS allegedly thinks she is helping the Obamas by inviting them to the unveiling. But Michelle is convinced she and her husband do not owe Jill anything.

“Michelle is also making snarky comments about Jill’s home design skills at the White House, sniping Mrs. Biden’s taste is all in her mouth. Michelle has long scoffed at Jill styling herself as Dr. Biden since she doesn’t have a Ph.D., while Jill thinks Michelle’s an attention hog who’s gone Hollywood,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Michelle and Jill are feuding. And there’s also no reason for them to fight because they are on the same side.

Throughout the past couple of months, all sorts of rumors have been surrounding the Bidens and the Obamas. But none of these rumors have been proven to be accurate.

For instance, there were claims that Michelle and Barack’s marriage was falling apart because they couldn’t agree on anything.

And there was also a time when the Obamas allegedly fought because they couldn’t control their daughters’ spending.

The Bidens are also rumored to be at risk of being removed from the White House because of their son, Hunter.

And there are also ongoing claims that Joe isn’t fit to keep working as the president of the United States because he could be suffering from dementia.

It is important to note that all these claims are coming from the same tabloid. It seems they have an agenda to target the leaders that are not on their side.