Queen Elizabeth’s official cause of death has not yet been revealed. But there are whispers that King Charles III might have something to do with her passing.

A source told National Enquirer that the queen’s doctors knew that she would not survive her recent health scare. So, they ordered King Charles III to pull the plug on his mother.

“Charles was devastated and now, I’m told, he’s being eaten alive by guilt. He’s second-guessing his actions, worrying he moved too fast, and she could have recovered. But he was following the wishes of his mother, who had a premonition she wouldn’t leave Balmoral alive this summer,” the source said.

Prior to her death, the queen allegedly became more vocal about how much she has been missing Prince Philip. So, some members of the royal family knew that she might not have long to live.

“The queen made it clear she wanted to leave this life with dignity, without fuss, or medical interventions that could turn her final days into a long, drawn-out nightmare. She got what she wanted,” the source said.

But even though the queen is at peace, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla aren’t. After all, their plot to have the queen killed much sooner has been exposed.

“The royal fear Charles and his ambitious wife, Camilla will be accused of orchestrating Her Majesty’s death to speed their own road to the throne. Charles was king-in-waiting for decades, and at almost 74, he was running out of time. Meanwhile, becoming queen consort has been his wife’s lifelong dream,” the source said.

But even if he was dying to be the monarch for years, King Charles III is still riddled with guilt because of what he had to do. However, his wife is also partially to blame because he asked if Camilla’s alive and the latter said that she might follow the doctor’s orders.

Luckily, none of these claims made by the tabloid is accurate. King Charles III did not pull the plug on the queen. If he did, the statement from the palace would’ve mentioned this.

But instead, the statement revealed that the queen died peacefully in the company of her loved ones.

King Charles III, Camilla, and Princess Anne were all there and they witnessed her take her last breath.