King Charles III and Prince Andrew seemed in synch when they made joint appearances following Queen Elizabeth’s death. However, this could be the last time that the public would see the brothers.

According to National Enquirer, King Charles III decided to banish Prince Andrew for good because he’s still not over the controversy that the latter was involved in.

But the monarch just didn’t have any choice but to be amicable toward his younger brother after the queen’s death because this is what their mom would’ve wanted.

“Her Majesty’s funeral is the last you’ll see of Andrew. He will disappear, erased from royal life forever. Elizabeth was his protector. He was her favorite child. She supported him emotionally and financially through everything. But Charles is cleaning the house, and he’s had it with Andrew. It will show when he closes the royal coffers to his scandal-plagued sibling,” the source said.

The source also pointed out that Prince Andrew was only seen by the public after Prince Philip’s death, as well as the queen’s passing. But anything more than this would never happen especially under King Charles III’s reign.

“Now, he faces exile and complete financial ruin. He’s even being kicked out of his home. Andrew’s current home, Royal Lodge, where he lives with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, is a Crown Estate Property. So, he’s out of his ear and will have to fund his new home in the Caribbean,” the source said.

According to the source, the queen’s corgis will continue to live with Prince Andrew even after he relocates to the Bahamas.

Prior to the queen’s death, the Duke of York allegedly visited the queen on multiple occasions to make sure that he was in her good graces. After all, he thought that she could convince King Charles III not to freeze him out after their mom’s death.

However, King Charles III is the top dog now and his decision is to exile Prince Andrew. After all, he believes that this is what will help the British monarchy succeed.

Other than Prince Andrew, there are also claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be the next two people that King Charles III would throw out. After all, he sees them as bad apples.

“There will be no public role or comeback. This is permanent,” the source concluded.