Angelina Jolie is once again being accused of destroying Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage.

It all started after one insider claimed that Jolie and Pitt’s beach photo with Maddox from 2005 was leaked by the Maleficent star herself. At the time, Pitt and Aniston have not officially divorced so there are speculations that the actor cheated on the Friends star.

Now, a source for National Enquirer is insisting that Jolie is the one to blame because she tempted and lured Pitt into falling in love with her.

“Angelina wanted to make Brad her man and sabotage his marriage to Jen. But it had as much to do with self-promotion as passion. She knew the forbidden fling would fit her visibility significantly and show everyone she was more desired than even one of the most beloved A-list ladies in town,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Jolie became determined about dating Pitt after they worked together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And even though she was aware that he was married to Aniston, she couldn’t care less.

“The way she went after him and targeted him for her own was appalling. She even used her adopted son, Maddox to help clinch the deal. She knew Brad would become close to the boy. The now-notorious picture of Angie looking over them together on the beach appears all the more manipulative to those in the know,” the source said.

But after the couple’s divorce, Jolie wanted to paint Pitt as the bad guy. So, she was shocked when that photo from the beach in 2005 resurfaced online.

However, Jolie couldn’t also help but admit that it has been quite difficult to try and paint Pitt as the bad guy because a lot of people in the industry adore him more than her.

“She wanted the FBI report about their final fight in their private jet to be released recently because it dredged up all her allegations about his drinking and abuses,” the source said.

Of course, Pitt has no plans to back down from the recent claims. And he has no problem facing Jolie in court again someday.

As of late, Jolie has not reacted to the photo of her and Pitt with Maddox. So, no one knows for sure if she planted it for the whole world to see.