Some members of the British Royal Family rushed to Queen Elizabeth II’s side at Balmoral Castle ahead of the announcement of her passing. While Prince Harry tried to make his way to Scotland to join the family and be with his grandmother, he allegedly found out about her death from online reports.

A palace source told Page Six that no one from the British Royal Family, or any courtiers, called the royal-born Prince to inform him of the monarch’s passing. This allegedly left him to learn of the matter from news reports when he landed late in the afternoon.

One insider noted, though, that the Duke of Sussex had been called to Scotland by King Charles III in the morning.

The publication recalled that Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s passing around 6:30 in the evening, local time. It was said to be minutes before Prince Harry landed at Aberdeen airport from London.

The royal-born Prince reportedly arrived at Balmoral before 8 in the evening, with the outlet noting that “strain and agony” were seen on his face as he made his way to the castle based on photos.

Following the sources’ claims, though, no official word has been heard from the Duke of Sussex yet. It remains unclear whether they are legitimate, making the narrative highly speculative.

Earlier this week, a similar report surfaced, causing a spokesperson for King Charles III to break silence.

MailOnline said The Telegraph published the claims, alleging that Prince Harry had been the last to know about Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. He had been reportedly given five minutes’ notice before the official announcement, adding that he was even told after the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

In response to the allegations, a spokesman for the new British Monarch said in a statement to the Daily Mail that “the public was only informed after every family member had been informed.”

MailOnline later noted that there was “clear irritation at Buckingham Palace” as the claims had emerged on the eve of the Queen’s funeral, adding that it was “considered hugely disrespectful.”

Meanwhile, the outlet stated that, in its understanding, it is true that Prince Harry was told of the matter shortly before the news became public. But, it stressed that the reason for this was because he was on a flight to Scotland from London, and “therefore not contactable.”

As for the claims in question, which The Telegraph published, MailOnline said they have since been taken down. It added that an amended piece was consequently released, claiming the Duke of Sussex was not treated differently to other family members.